Introduction to AR/VR(Augmented/Virtual Reality)

AR & VR (Age 10+)

Course Overview

What will you generally learn from AR & VR


Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications

Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

How does Augmented Reality work?

Types of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality devices

What is an Augmented Reality Cube?

Make Your Own Augmented Reality Cube at Home

Photo slideshow & list of apps for the Augmented Reality Cube

Classroom integration ideas for the Augmented Reality Cube

How to setup Augmented Reality Cubes in your home and everywhere

External links for Augmented Reality Cube


  • Create a 3D VR project targeting a device as simple as iOS/Android cardboard.
  • Create immersive VR experiences with panoramic videos.
  • Create interactive VR game plays with advanced Unity features, including Ray Casting and Navigation (Path Finding).
  • Create interactive head’s up 3D user interfaces.
  • Add support for Game Controllers and Cardboard “Screen Touch” button.
  • Take advantage of Ambisonic Audio files.
  • Use Unity Remote to test things in the Editor.
  • Bypass Unity XR SDKs and use the Gyroscope, to test things in the Editor with Unity Remote.
  • Take advantage of Unity’s Events to trigger actions on interactive objects, including loading scenes.
  • Use Unity’s Animator State Machine along with Collider Triggers, to trigger animations when passing by.

Starting Course

Quiz: General Ability
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