Python (Age 10+)

Course Overview

Program Objective

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to Python. The course will discuss topics necessary for the participant to be able to create and execute Python programs. The lesson, activities and presentations are designed to provide knowledge and experiences to students that serve as a foundation for continued learning of presented areas.


No Prior coding knowledge is required to take this course

Basics of problem-solving skills and critical thinking with basic numeracy knowledge


  • Familiarity with scripting
  • Introduction to programming
  • Start developing basic application or computation using python programming


  • Understandings of basics of programming
  • Understanding of python
  • Usage of basic programming concepts
  • Apply knowledge to solve the basic programming problems

Week - 1

Week - 2

Week - 3

Week - 4

Week - 5

Week - 6

Week - 7

Week - 8

Week - 9

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